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Sam Broyles
Dale Campbell
Keith Fuller
Dave Lombardi
Tony McKee
Marion Pottinger
Dave Pulay
Richard Scarborough
Steve Scheffer
Tom Wiant

2018 Communion Meditation Schedule (as of January 9, 2018)
DateSpeaker DateSpeaker
   07-01Dale Campbell
01-07Dave Pulay 07-08Kieth Fuller
01-14Richard Scarborough 07-15Dave Lombardi
01-21Steve Scheffer 07-22Minister
01-28Tom Wiant 07-29Tony McKee
02-04Sam Broyles 08-05Dave Pulay
02-11Dale Campbell 08-12Richard Scarborough
02-18Kieth Fuller 08-19Steve Scheffer
02-25Dave Lombardi 08-26Tom Wiant
03-04Minister 09-02Sam Broyles
03-11Tony McKee 09-09Dale Campbell
03-18Dave Pulay 09-16Kieth Fuller
03-25Richard Scarborough 09-23Dave Lombardi
04-01Steve Scheffer 09-30Minister
04-08Tom Wiant 10-07Tony McKee
04-15Sam Broyles 10-14Dave Pulay
04-22Dale Campbell 10-21Richard Scarborough
04-29Kieth Fuller 10-28Steve Scheffer
05-06Dave Lombardi 11-04Tom Wiant
05-13Minister 11-11Sam Broyles
05-20Tony McKee 11-18Dale Campbell
05-27Dave Pulay 11-25Kieth Fuller
06-03Richard Scarborough 12-02Dave Lombardi
06-10Steve Scheffer 12-09Minister
06-17Tom Wiant 12-16Tony McKee
06-24Sam Broyles 12-23Dave Pulay
   12-30Richard Scarborough

Dates in Red-on-White are associated with holidays.

As others gain the confidence to give a meditation, the schedule will be appropriately altered.

The purpose is to focus on communion in remembrance of Jesus. This is not a sermon. Stay under three minutes.

Please arrange for an alternate if you are absent. Do this as soon as you know you will be absent. Inform the office. If you can't get a replacement, contact Tony McKee (330-867-2833 - admckee59 AT

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