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If you cannot serve as scheduled and cannot arrange a replacement in advance contact Tony McKee.

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2017 Serving Schedule (as of January 15, 2017)
    2017-07-02D. LombardiF. Sandels
2017-01-01S. BroylesM. Pottinger 2017-07-09D. PulayMinister
2017-01-08D. LombardiS. Scheffer 2017-07-16T. McKeeM. Pottinger
2017-01-15D. PulayF. Sandels 2017-07-23D. CampbellS. Scheffer
2017-01-22T. McKeeMinister 2017-07-30S. BroylesF. Sandels
2017-01-29D. CampbellM. Pottinger 2017-08-06D. LombardiMinister
2017-02-05S. BroylesS. Scheffer   2017-08-13D. PulayM. Pottinger
2017-02-12D. LombardiF. Sandels   2017-08-20T. McKeeS. Scheffer
2017-02-19D. PulayMinister 2017-08-27D. CampbellF. Sandels
2017-02-26T. McKeeM. Pottinger 2017-09-03S. BroylesMinister
2017-03-05D. CampbellS. Scheffer   2017-09-10D. LombardiM. Pottinger
2017-03-12S. BroylesF. Sandels   2017-09-17D. PulayS. Scheffer
2017-03-19D. LombardiMinister 2017-09-24T. McKeeF. Sandels
2017-03-26D. PulayM. Pottinger 2017-10-01D. CampbellMinister
2017-04-02T. McKeeS. Scheffer   2017-10-08S. BroylesM. Pottinger
2017-04-09D. CampbellF. Sandels   2017-10-15D. LombardiS. Scheffer
2017-04-16S. BroylesMinister 2017-10-22D. PulayF. Sandels
2017-04-23D. LombardiM. Pottinger 2017-10-29T. McKeeMinister
2017-04-30D. PulayS. Scheffer   2017-11-05D. CampbellM. Pottinger
2017-05-07T. McKeeF. Sandels   2017-11-12S. BroylesS. Scheffer
2017-05-14D. CampbellMinister 2017-11-19D. LombardiF. Sandels
2017-05-21S. BroylesM. Pottinger 2017-11-26D. PulayMinister
2017-05-28D. LombardiS. Scheffer   2017-12-03T. McKeeM. Pottinger
2017-06-04D. PulayF. Sandels   2017-12-10D. CampbellS. Scheffer
2017-06-11T. McKeeMinister 2017-12-17S. BroylesF. Sandels
2017-06-18D. CampbellM. Pottinger 2017-12-24D. LombardiMinister
2017-06-25S. BroylesS. Scheffer   2017-12-31D. PulayM. Pottinger

Dates in Red-on-White are associated with holidays.

 S. Broyles
 D. Campbell
 D. Lombardi
 T. McKee
 D. Pulay
 M. Pottinger
 F. Sandels
 S. Scheffer
 Minister- player to be named later

If you cannot serve as scheduled and cannot arrange a replacement in advance contact Tony McKee (330-867-2833 - admckee59 AT

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