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If you cannot serve as scheduled and cannot arrange a replacement in advance contact Tony McKee.

Visitation list: HomeCommunion

 S. Broyles
 D. Campbell
 D. Lombardi
 T. McKee
 D. Pulay
 M. Pottinger
 F. Sandels
 S. Scheffer
 Minister (player to be named later)

2018 Home Visitation Schedule (as of January 9, 2018)
    07-01T. McKeeF. Sandels
01-07T. McKeeS. Scheffer 07-08D. CampbellMinister
01-14D. CampbellF. Sandels 07-15S. BroylesM. Pottinger
01-21S. BroylesMinister 07-22D. LombardiS. Scheffer
01-28D. LombardiM. Pottinger 07-29D. PulayF. Sandels
02-04D. PulayS. Scheffer 08-05T. McKeeMinister
02-11T. McKeeF. Sandels 08-12D. CampbellM. Pottinger
02-18D. CampbellMinister 08-19S. BroylesS. Scheffer
02-25S. BroylesM. Pottinger 08-26D. LombardiF. Sandels
03-04D. LombardiS. Scheffer 09-02D. PulayMinister
03-11D. PulayF. Sandels 09-09T. McKeeM. Pottinger
03-18T. McKeeMinister 09-16D. CampbellS. Scheffer
03-25D. CampbellM. Pottinger 09-23S. BroylesF. Sandels
04-01S. BroylesS. Scheffer 09-30D. LombardiMinister
04-08D. LombardiF. Sandels 10-07D. PulayM. Pottinger
04-15D. PulayMinister 10-14T. McKeeS. Scheffer
04-22T. McKeeM. Pottinger 10-21D. CampbellF. Sandels
04-29D. CampbellS. Scheffer 10-28S. BroylesMinister
05-06S. BroylesF. Sandels 11-04D. LombardiM. Pottinger
05-13D. LombardiMinister 11-11D. PulayS. Scheffer
05-20D. PulayM. Pottinger 11-18T. McKeeF. Sandels
05-27T. McKeeS. Scheffer 11-25D. CampbellMinister
06-03D. CampbellF. Sandels 12-02S. BroylesM. Pottinger
06-10S. BroylesMinister 12-09D. LombardiS. Scheffer
06-17D. LombardiM. Pottinger 12-16D. PulayF. Sandels
06-24D. PulayS. Scheffer 12-23T. McKeeMinister
    12-30D. CampbellM. Pottinger

Dates in Red-on-White are associated with holidays.

If you cannot serve as scheduled and cannot arrange a replacement in advance contact Tony McKee (330-867-2833 - admckee59 AT

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